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About Anatomy of a Campaign

April 11, 2019

About the Podcast

Anatomy of a Campaign journals a live and active D&D 5E game. Most topics are inspired by the ongoing campaign and I use those experiences to illustrate a "warts and all" view into the process of planning, organizing and executing a game. Season one is predominantly a pre and post view on a session by session basis. The format evolved to be more topics oriented in Season two.  


About the Game

The game is set in a homebrew world called Arabatha. It's like a lot of western centric fantasy realms except the one god has vanished leaving a power void. Multiple entities are vying for control of the world, and as a result, there are all manner of demons, devils, fey, angels and alien gods offering power in return for devotion. 

The campaign is about a group of mercenary-minded adventurers navigating the dangers of a kingdom on the verge of a religious war between the old and new factions. 


About the DM

I've been playing and running RPGs since the early 80s (earlier, but can you count games where you're under 10 years old?) I've played every edition of D&D, but think 5E is the best so far.  I bring a lot of other game system techniques and mechanics to D&D to reinforce a more story-focused approach. Notably I look to games systems like Fate or Powered by the Apocalypse to help connect the characters to the story. That being said, I'm not at all perfect and my intent is to make this a "warts and all" illustration of what it's like to run a game.