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Season 2, Episode 14: Revelations

Final insights and thoughts from my 5E campaign. Two years in the making and things ended differently than I thought, but that's the nature of the game!

Special sound effect from Daniel Simon, which I found on here:

Cheating the Long Game

Season 2, Episode 13: Cheating the Long Game

Discussing how to pull off a long term story arc with an emphasis on leaving things mutable so you can adapt to developments as they arise. Two key links from this episode are the Front System from Dungeon World and the sample fronts from my campaign

Taking the Long View

Season 2; Episode 12: Taking the Long View - I begin plotting out the next big adventure as the party researches an ancient map identifying places of power. This captures a free-flowing creative process to capture the big ideas ahead of adventure design.

Player Screen Time

Season 2; Episode 11 - Player Screen time: The characters receive some much needed downtime - preparations and consequences of their initial foray in this city in the cross-hairs. Juggling to ensure everyone has enough screen time turned out to be a challenge. 

Session Zero Redux

Season 2; Episode 10 - The campaign needed a tune-up so we held another campaign building session. It's like reprising session zero, but with distinct differences. The following organization of the existing plots is referenced in the podcast: A & B Plots

Story Doctoring

Season 2: Episode 9 - Story Doctoring. Using classic story elements to identify ways to correct story problems at the table. This is a link to the plotted examples discussed in the episode. 

DM Therapy

Season 2: Episode 8 - Gaming is supposed to be a fun pastime intended to relieve stress, but DMs can burn out, suffer anxiety, and even feelings of inadequacy. Where does this come from and how can you help yourself stay fresh and healthy. 

The Character Creation Game

Season 2; Episode 7 - I think character creation is a game unto itself and talk about the process I go through to ensure I have an effective and integrated character. 

Cry Havoc

Season 2; Episode 6: Cry Havoc and let slip the ghouls of war! In this episode I recount our big battle using the Warfare rules from Strongholds and Followers. What worked and what I'll do differently the next time we have a large scale battle.

Building Combat

Season 2, Episode 5: Building Combat - turns out I had more to say about combat. Most notably I'm working through using the Warfare rules from Strongholds and Followers to bring the battle of Red Road to life. 

In the podcast I mentioned our subreddit, which can be found here:

And here is a link to the simple stat visualization I mentioned. 

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