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The Temple of Borlane

February 12, 2019

The final five episodes of season 1 cover all the podcasts about the adventure at the Temple of Borlane. 

This is a good jumping in point for anyone newly discovering the podcast and includes the following shows:


Part 1: Head Full of Ideas - bringing together all of the narrative threads for the final adventure of the tier.




Part 2: Dungeons Are Stupid - The trouble with dungeons, pitfalls to watch and why I still use them.




Part 3: Driven To Adventure - How to develop PC motivation and how to use it in your game.




Part 4: Thunderdome! - Conflict is the life's blood of the campaign - how to use it to greatest effect in your game.




Part 5: Big Endings and New Hooks - Designing a great and fulfilling ending can be hard. The components of a great ending and how to pivot into your next story.