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August 28, 2018

There are two major pieces of content that inspired the format and approach for Anatomy of a Campaign.


Chris Perkins "The DM Experience" Blog from 4th Edition. If you have not read Chris's articles, get thee hence to this link and begin reading what should be required material for anyone wanting to run a game. His approach for using his two concurrent games as fodder to mine topic is the best interface I have seen and I am shamelessly copying it here. He also kicked off effective live streaming with Acquisitions Inc. I think he's paved the way for the renaissance in gaming we're all enjoying right now.


Matt Colville's Running the Game - but specficially THIS episode. Matt's approach to recapping his game sessions is amazing. He is a natural storyteller and I find his summaries to be WAY better than any live stream I've ever seen. TBH, other than CR I can't really get into watching other people play D&D, but Matt weaves such an enticing spell in his recaps that it inspires me every time. See also his Campaign Journals.