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Story Doctoring

Season 2: Episode 9 - Story Doctoring. Using classic story elements to identify ways to correct story problems at the table. This is a link to the plotted examples discussed in the episode. 

DM Therapy

Season 2: Episode 8 - Gaming is supposed to be a fun pastime intended to relieve stress, but DMs can burn out, suffer anxiety, and even feelings of inadequacy. Where does this come from and how can you help yourself stay fresh and healthy. 

The Character Creation Game

Season 2; Episode 7 - I think character creation is a game unto itself and talk about the process I go through to ensure I have an effective and integrated character. 

Cry Havoc

Season 2; Episode 6: Cry Havoc and let slip the ghouls of war! In this episode I recount our big battle using the Warfare rules from Strongholds and Followers. What worked and what I'll do differently the next time we have a large scale battle.

Building Combat

Season 2, Episode 5: Building Combat - turns out I had more to say about combat. Most notably I'm working through using the Warfare rules from Strongholds and Followers to bring the battle of Red Road to life. 

In the podcast I mentioned our subreddit, which can be found here:

And here is a link to the simple stat visualization I mentioned. 

Breaking Combat

Season 2, Episode 4: Understanding the two official methods of combat encounter design, where I think they help and where I break the rules when constructing a combat encounter. 

Your Mind is a Theater

Season 2, Episode 3: In consideration of Theater of the Mind style play. Recent life distractions forced me to employ a purely TOTM approach and it reminded me of the benefits to the game when you put aside the pretty minis and maps. 

The Empathy Trap

Season 2, Episode 2: A complex morale scenario traps the players in a town about to be overrun by undead from without and within. Alignment, morality and what makes a character proactive.

Designing a City

Season 2, Episode 1: Discussing methods for designing a city based on the purpose, history and alignment of the location. Unless you're intending to publish your city, you'll need to be efficient and prioritize where you should focus your design efforts. My goal is to provide my players a place to engage and interact that feels unique and distinct within the game world.

Big Endings and New Hooks

Episode 35: The Season Finale! Part 5 of 5 covering the lessons from the Adventure at the Temple of Borlane. What are the components of an ending and how do you pivot into the next story? We have another Player audio contribution and special ending to this episode.